Start Your Campaign

If you are thinking about running for city office, you must follow certain steps before you start raising or spending money. Learn what you need to start your committee.

Limits & Thresholds

All candidates must abide by contribution limits and restrictions. Candidates participating in the matching funds program must comply with spending limits and meet office-specific thresholds to receive public funds.

Disclosure Deadlines

Don’t be late! Candidates must submit complete disclosure of their campaign finance activity on a defined schedule.

Campaign Resources

The CFB provides these resources to assist campaigns to comply with the Campaign Finance Act and Board Rules, and understand the requirements of participating in the Campaign Finance Program.


You’re not done yet — your relationship with the CFB continues past Election Day. All campaigns must continue to file disclosures and participate in the post-election audit process. Find out what to expect once the election is over.


Attend our trainings to learn more about the campaign finance compliance requirements and processes.


If you have any financial activity, you must register with the CFB and submit all of your disclosure statements through C-SMART. Find out more about this application on this page.

NYC Votes Contribute

NYC Votes Contribute is exclusively available to CFB-registered campaigns, who can sign up as soon as they register with the CFB.