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What is C-SMART?

C-SMART is the Campaign Finance Board’s web-based application used by campaigns to disclose their financial activity. C-SMART allows campaigns to:

  • Record financial transactions and upload documentation
  • Submit disclosure to the CFB and the New York State BOE
  • Track fundraising activity and store contributors’ contact information and donation history
  • Produce reports on compliance issues and financial activity
  • Communicate with supporters using pre-installed letter templates
  • Upload contribution data and documentation from NYC Votes Contribute, the CFB’s credit card processing platform


On this page, you can find assistance on entering transactions, uploading documentation, running reports, and submitting disclosure statements in C-SMART. Each document is focused on a specific function and contains step-by-step instructions and descriptions.

If you are a campaign trying to log into C-SMART, first log into your C-Access account with your username and password and click the C-SMART button under the C-Access logo. Next, you will be prompted to enter your encryption key. Your username and encryption key were both provided when your campaign first registered with the CFB.

Contact us with your feedback

C-SMART has undergone many changes, and we view user feedback as essential to its continued development.

If you have experience with C-SMART, please consider providing your thoughts, comments, or suggestions using the Feedback feature in C-SMART.