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Campaign Resources

The CFB provides campaigns with several resources to assist them in complying with the Campaign Finance Act & Board Rules, as well as participating in the Campaign Finance Program.

Campaign Finance Handbook

The Campaign Finance Handbook is a user manual for candidates running for city office. The Handbook is a plain-language compliance guide, but is not a substitute for the Campaign Finance Act or CFB Rules.

Forms & Template

Campaigns will need to complete and submit certain forms to the CFB throughout the election. The CFB also provides templates for campaign use that may assist them in gathering necessary information for disclosure purposes.


The guidance documents provide detailed information on specific campaign processes. They do not replace or supersede the Actthe Rules, or the Campaign Finance Handbook.

Special Elections

In New York City, special elections are held to temporarily fill vacancies in city offices resulting from an elected official’s resignation, removal, death, or permanent incapacitation. Special elections are called by the mayor and are usually held on the first Tuesday at least 45 days after the office has been vacated.

How to File a Complaint

Members of the public who have knowledge of a specific action or lack of action that seems contrary to the rules and regulations regarding campaign fundraising, campaign or independent expenditures, or other activities under the CFB’s jurisdiction may file a complaint with the CFB.

Doing Business FAQs

Contributions from individuals considered to have business dealing with the city are subject to lower contribution limits and are not eligible for matching funds. The Doing Business Database (DBDB) lists individuals covered by this restriction.

Consultant and Vendor Guide

The CFB created this guide to demonstrate best practices for the consultants and vendors that regularly work for campaigns. Use the guide to find details on the types of documentation that campaigns will request, as well as links to templates and sample documents.