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Join the Matching Funds Program

Candidates running city office must comply with the Campaign Finance Act and Board Rules. Once you have started your campaign, you can opt to join the Campaign Finance Program in the election year. The voluntary Campaign Finance Program helps candidates run competitive campaigns by providing matching funds.

To join the Program and become eligible to receive public funds, candidates must:

  1. Certify into the program by completing a Certification form.
  2. Submit a financial disclosure filing with the Conflicts of Interest Board (COIB) and present the Certification Receipt from the COIB to the CFB. The receipt must be presented on or before the first business day following the BOE filing petition deadline. Participants cannot receive public funds unless they have submitted this receipt to the CFB.
  3. Reach a two-part threshold that varies by office sought.
  4. Abide by a strict spending limit.

Read more about the Program in Chapter 6 of the Handbook.