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NYC Votes Contribute

NYC Votes Contribute, a platform created by the CFB, is the first of its kind—a fundraising tool for candidates, built as a public good.

The CFB created NYC Votes Contribute with the goal of extending our small-dollar matching funds program online. Contribute is user-friendly and simplifies the process of collecting credit card contributions online while meeting the CFB’s reporting and recordkeeping requirements.

NYC Votes Contribute is exclusively available to CFB-registered campaigns, who can sign up as soon as they register with the CFB.

A full list of candidates using Contribute in the current election cycle can be found on the Candidate List. To learn how to set up and use Contribute, refer to the User Guide below and visit the FAQ for Candidates page.

If you would like to search the User Guide using your computer's Control+f or Command+f function, or are unable to view the User Guide below, please download the PDF.