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Community Programs

NYC Votes and its partners promote civic engagement across the five boroughs. Its programs help New Yorkers register to vote and get involved at the community level.

Voter Day

Voter Day is a flagship program that brings together a broad coalition of NYC Votes partners to advocate for voting rights reforms. We meet with legislators in Albany to lobby for changes in New York State Election Law to make it easier for New Yorkers to cast a timely, clear, and informed vote.

Agency-Based Voter Registration

NYC Votes partners with dozens of city agencies to help them host their own voter registration drives and comply with local laws regarding voter registration assistance.

National Voter Registration Day (NVRD)

NVRD is a nonpartisan, nationwide effort to engage and register new voters. NYC Votes is the leading NVRD force in New York City, hosting dozens of nonpartisan voter registration drives, events, and programs on NVRD across the five boroughs.

Naturalization Ceremonies

NYC Votes is on the forefront of registering our newest citizens to vote. CFB staff regularly attend naturalization ceremonies to distribute registration forms, assist new citizens with completing their registration, and hand out pamphlets about NYC’s voting process.

Order Voter Registration Forms

The Campaign Finance Board, in partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, is pleased to provide New Yorkers with voter registration forms in eleven new languages (Albanian, Arabic, French, Greek, Haitian Creole, Italian, Polish, Russian, Tagalog, Urdu, and Yiddish).

Candidate Community Forums

A program spearheaded for the 2017 citywide elections. In partnership with local community-based organizations, the CFB will facilitate and host nonpartisan forums for candidates who are running for certain City Council seats.