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Student Voter Registration Day (SVRD)

This annual one-day program is designed to register students to vote, educate them about civic participation, and promote a voting culture among our youngest eligible citizens.

SVRD is a collaboration of NYC Votes, community-based organizations, the New York City Council, and City Hall. The inaugural SVRD was held on March 20, 2015. Since then, over 10,000 students have been registered through this program at more than 70 high schools throughout the city.

Through interactive discussion, SVRD facilitators register students to vote and help them connect voting with their everyday lives, encouraging them to explore the issues that are most important to them and challenging them to think critically about how these issues are dealt with at the public policy level.

Student Voter Registration Day is on Monday, May 21, 2018!

Additional resources:

2018 Resource Guide

Training Videos

Civic Engagement Pledge

Training Presentation

Slide-by-slide Instructions

Social Media Guidelines

Not eligible to vote yet? NYC’s participatory budgeting program (PBNYC) is a great way to get involved and make a difference at the local level. PBNYC puts real money and real decision-making power in the hands of community members. And unlike our usual elections, participatory budgeting elections are open to all district residents, regardless of citizenship (and you just have to be at least 11 years old to vote), so it’s a perfect opportunity for students to get active and engaged. Learn more here!

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