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Youth Programs

Getting young adults engaged in the electoral process is a key element to a thriving democracy. Youth-targeted programs help make it a reality.

NYC Votes promotes civic engagement in young New Yorkers, facilitated by a dedicated youth voter coordinator.

Student Voter Registration Day

SVRD, branching off of NVRD and the youth voting workshops, is a one-day voter registration push across NYC high schools. A flagship program, SVRD has registered and engaged thousands of students in their local democratic process.

Youth Poet Laureate

The NYC Youth Poet Laureate (YPL) Program is a voter-themed spoken poetry competition for 16-19 year old NYC students designed to energize youth voters.

Youth Voting Workshop

The NYC Votes Youth Voting Workshop is an interactive, discussion-based session that provides students with a comprehensive overview of city government, the functions of each elected position, and the effect that voting has on their daily lives.